I discovered that when I freshly install the Windows 7 64bit drivers. See if that helps. Maybe changing the button sensitivy in teh config software will help under the PS3 section so i doubt it will help. DanielDust i am a full consle gamer, after my ‘s kept dieing i invested in a pc cuz you see most of ‘s “excluses” on pc, but i cant get into the whole mouse and key board thing, i can use my ps3 controller on pc but you gotta program all the buttons useing xpadder and most times the game has more controls then their are buttons. Apparently, I discovered that if I install and enable the FnS driver. In this mode FnS configuration software is not able to detect the device and do changes. It’s too bad that Tuact didn’t keep those release notes.

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Fragnstein Ps3 / PC Wireless Mouse and Controller Set – Only Once

Anyway, I’m still okay with the manual driver enabling method. I need a fix FAST!

I finally found the solution to my problem. How do I fix this? Sandcracka Offline Fragnstein pc Boarder Posts: They would have been useful. To use the mouse on PC you just plug the dongle in without pressing the dongle button, holding the button fragnstein pc sticking in the dongle fragnstein pc it into config mode Regarding the clicking can’t help there – not a problem i’ve had.

Either way, it’s a pain. In this mode FnS configuration software is not able to detect the device and do changes. I can’t use the mouse in my PC because it keeps “auto firing” or “double clicking”, whatever Hope this discovery helps other people as well.

I was looking for something to bring me back fragnstein pc PC gaming, cuz i dont really like using mouse an dkeyboard. But mouse button sensitivity is very high for Windows use. I mean this is just stupid DanielDust i am asking about it on the pc fourms cuz i want to get it fragnstein pc my pc?? I intend to use this for PC gaming. I don’t know about you but that gives me a huge advantage of being able to access that many buttons Fragnstein pc easily and comfortably.

You can program macros. DanielDust Follow Forum Posts: Sorry Digital is set on aimonps but High on fragnstein is digital try setting it to medium.

Bring back the main forum list. fragnstein pc

Are you talking about the banner with those mouse-like things? I’m experiencing some frustration with FragnStein. Can’t use FragnStein in PC mode. Now, on to your problem. fragnstein pc

fragnstein controller – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot

Glad you got it worked out nonetheless. It’s too bad that Tuact didn’t keep those release notes.

Index Recent Topics Search. Make sure your that your FRAG drivers were completely uninstalled.

The ‘double clicking’ problem is still fragnstein pc though so I can’t do dragging action in Windows. If that folder is still there just delete it. I bought this CM Fragnstein pc Inferno instead: Skrilla Offline Admin Posts: Try holding down the F button and scroll down the mouse wheel to set it to the lowest dpi setting. You can set a button to rapid fire.