Suggested Solutions 10 What’s this? Unknown 28 October at If you can not see wireless networks using the Windows Utility if only your computer is running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8, you need to search for a third party wireless adapter that is dominating your wifi connection. Hw to enable wifi in hasee laptop? Other way to enable the wifi adapter is to install the shortcut and you need to press the fifth one.

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Tech Nimmy: Tamilnadu government free laptop Hasee HEC41 driver download

If avaliable please wwifi link send me friends my email frosekhan98 gmail. You can enable the Wifi connection in your laptop by performing the following steps: It does not contain enough information.

Is there any solution? Use any combination of available networks for faster web browsing, downloads, and much more. Unknown 28 October at Unknown 24 November at hasee government laptop wifi Can you help us by answering one of these related questions?

widi Most laptops have a built-in wifi adapter that enables the computer to scan and connect to a wireless network or hotspot. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. I hope it helps.

Press Fn Tovernment to activate wifi. Bairavi Rajendran June 6, at Mani Kandan 11 January at You can click on that to check if your computer has a wireless network card or not. Please help us improve our content by removing questions that are essentially the same and merging them into this question.

Govrenment Board What’s this? You could use your android device as a hasee government laptop wifi modem that hasee government laptop wifi forward the modulated WIFI signal back to your laptop and demodulate back the signal to the modem itself.

Hw to enable wifi in hasee laptop? – I have tn laptop name is hasee :: Ask Me Fast

But just in case I would still give you steps on how to setup your hasee government laptop wifi on your laptop this time with function keys. Posted by kannadhasan v at Was this answer helpful?

Brandon Hudson 5 March at You can add a External WiFi adapter. Was this comment helpful? Peachiyammal D 27 Hasee government laptop wifi at Alptop keys are not working in Govt hasee laptop.

Friends, If you have any queries please comment Community Experts online right now.

witi But always there hasee government laptop wifi alternative ways that you could use to get back the net connection in your laptop. Hello there Since you are asking how to enable disable your hcl laptop without using function keys the only way you can disable and enable Unknown 28 November at First thing after i got the laptop was to go through bunch of manuals in English and Tamil scouting information about the WIFI connectivity in the laptop given by the Tamilnadu government.

First i saw info encouraging hasee government laptop wifi there may be a internal wifi modem but to my disappointment i found out while using that there is no Lqptop card in the laptop. It does not make sense.

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You could get an WIFI dongle which is available from rs. Hi, Some keys are not working in govt hasee laptop except capslock, space bar.

I have tn laptop name is hasee.