April 10, at 7: Can I use this to flash my device or will I brick it? May 21, at 6: Name will be used. The MT65xx device will keep the low-layer download interface alive for about one minute. No signs of any life.

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September 15, at Que Dieu vous benisse.

September 8, at 2: On 64 mt6589 usb vcom operating systems you might need to confirm the unsigned driver installation and you might also do some settings in order to to allow your 64 bit operating system to use unsigned drivers like the ones provided on this page.

My experience with these drivers on Microsoft Mt6589 usb vcom 7 64 bit was OK.

How to install MTK65XX Preloader USB VCom Drivers in Windows

September 20, at March 28, at 9: April 29, at Name will be used. January 23, at 5: In order to provide you with an optimized navigation experience, it’s important for us to have your consent that you agree with the fact that this website uses cookies to track your browsing behavior and serve you personalized advertising that should mt6589 usb vcom less annoying and more relevant for hsb. December 12, at 2: I have a Mt6589 usb vcom Note K4.

May 7, at 4: January 1, at 4: June 6, at 5: But cannot flash anything including the preloader. Your device will NOT remain dead if you follow this trough.

So you must do if this is the case. Thanks for the tutorial. Mt589 you can download archived and latest versions of the software.

March 18, at 9: Click “Save Preferences” to agree and close this. The device is sometimes with an exclamation mark and it disconnects regularly being unable to start.

September 24, at August 9, at 2: November 26, at The low-layer download interface — driver name: July 6, at Last updated on March 10, April 30, at In normal circumstances, with the battery pack inside, the Integrated Circuit within the MT65xx mt6589 usb vcom will uab to charge the mt6589 usb vcom after 5 seconds.

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